Thank you for considering Stepping Stones Academy for your early childcare needs. We are a premier preschool located in Keller, Texas and are proud to offer a safe, healthy and quality educational environment for your child. At Stepping Stones, we clearly understand that the different levels of development children pass through must coincide with changes in their care and education. That's why children at the Academy are treated as individuals with specifically designed curriculum to match their developmental needs. Our program provides an environment that fosters academic growth, encourages expression of creativity, introduces social skills and develops cognitive thinking each step of the way in their early years.


What's Happening at Stepping Stones Academy

  • Birthdays
    We would like to remind parents of our policy regarding birthdays… 45. BIRTHDAYS Most children enjoy celebrating special events with their preschool friends (birthdays, new babies, and holidays). Parents may send a “store bought” treat to share with the class. Please make arrangements Read More


  • 6 Things You Don’t Know About Tantrums
    My daughter threw her first tantrum on my birthday. We were out at a restaurant, trying to celebrate, reluctant to exclude our eighteen-month-old by hiring a babysitter. Bad mistake: As soon as dinner arrived, she wanted out of her highchair. Then she started Read More
  • Small Talk: How to Get Your Kid to Chat About Her Day
    Sometimes you get “good,” or “fine,” or the conversation killer: “I don’t remember” when you ask your child about her day. Take comfort in the fact that she’s not giving you the cold shoulder on purpose. But if you know why your child Read More
  • Creating Learning Environments at Home
    As a parent, you become immediately aware that you are your child’s first teacher. Then it should not be surprising that your child’s initial important learning environment is your home. Your home setting can be a comforting, warm cocoon where your child very Read More